a BFP at last…PUPO 7dp5dt

Still PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise), but it’s more real for me now because I’ve been POAS’ing (peeing on a stick) for a few days now.

Today is 7dp5dt. (7 days post 5 day transfer.)

Test obsession results:
Wed pm-4dpt- super faint line on a $ store test. Too faint to know yet.

Thurs am-5dpt- faint line on $ store test. Feeling a little more hopeful.

Thurs pm-“Pregnant” on a digital Walgreens test.
(Read bad reviews about false positives with this particular test so…)

Thurs pm-two visible lines on First Response test.

Fri am 6dpt- two visible lines on First Response test.

Sat am 7dpt- two definite lines on First response test.

The lines have gradually gotten darker each day, which is awesome because since your hcg doubles every two days I didn’t expect to see a big different within two back to back days. Maybe twins??

Monday is my blood test and we will see what my hcg levels are officially at. I’m super excited. I can finally say “BFP!”, but I’m also keeping my cool until I see those numbers.

Wish us luck!! 🙂



About KB, Twin Mom

T&K--this year we celebrate 8 years of marriage. It took three years of ttc (trying to conceive), but we are now the proud parents to A&L, our g/b twins. A&L turn 4 this fall! Journey to Parenthood (now known as Twin Mom Life) was started to share our story and track our (in)fertility journey as we moved towards parenthood. Now the blog is about life as a twin mom, dealing with endometriosis, my healthy living journey, and life in general.
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10 Responses to a BFP at last…PUPO 7dp5dt

  1. Congratulations! It’s the best feeling, ever!

  2. Trish says:

    My fingers and toes are crossed for you!

  3. sunshinecheryl says:

    CONGRATS!! I’m so excited and happy for you! My DNA is in there so I’m feeling very blessed! Love always!

  4. Congrats lady!! I knew it!!

  5. Risa says:

    Congratulations! So exciting!

  6. Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! Can’t wait to hear how today’s appointment goes! 🙂

  7. Stupid question – but I am still trying to get all this IVF terminology…… __ dp3dt – Does that first number start on the day of your transfer or the day AFTER your transfer? I’m trying to figure mine out. My transfer was Tuesday, 1/29/13. Any help would be appreciated. Wanna make sure I am doing this right. LOL!

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