Countdown to Ultrasound 1

Today is 16dp5dt. Would that make me 5 weeks or 6 weeks? It’s all so confusing when it’s ivf. I’ve been saying 5 weeks but if retrieval was on Jan. 14, wouldn’t it be six? I guess we’ll find out Monday at our ultrasound.

So far symptoms include: nausea, slight constipation but cramping when I do have to go (nothing new though for me), extremely sore bbs when I wake up in the am (I can only describe it as it feels like someone did surgery on them), exhaustion, slight headache today, starving all day, and grouchiness. I’m not complaining though because I figure symptoms are a great thing. I’ve waited a long time for this so I’m going to enjoy every moment, even the least enjoyable moments.

How early did everyone else go in for their u/s? I feel like this week is going to drag. A piece of me is just waiting for that confirmation. I need to see them, or him/her if it’s just one. Please let it be at least one healthy one.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week.




About KB, Twin Mom

T&K--this year we celebrate 8 years of marriage. It took three years of ttc (trying to conceive), but we are now the proud parents to A&L, our g/b twins. A&L turn 4 this fall! Journey to Parenthood (now known as Twin Mom Life) was started to share our story and track our (in)fertility journey as we moved towards parenthood. Now the blog is about life as a twin mom, dealing with endometriosis, my healthy living journey, and life in general.
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6 Responses to Countdown to Ultrasound 1

  1. Cheryl says:

    Sending you all my best wishes! šŸŒŗ

  2. At my practice, the first u/s is at six weeks. I always counted the retrieval date as week two, right?

  3. Please have a look at my blog I am currently going through my first cycle of IVF with ICSI

    Best of Luck with everything,

  4. Holly says:

    If you count retrevial day like ovulation, then wouldn’t you be six weeks? It is all very interesting šŸ™‚ Can’t wait until Monday! Will you post the ultrasound picture?

    • K says:

      I actually emailed my nurse. Lol. She said I’m five weeks. So today is 5 weeks 2 days. šŸ™‚
      If I get a pick, I’ll be posting it. Actually I should say when. I’m not leaving there without one!

      • Holly says:

        You better get one šŸ™‚ Okay so my logic fails. You’ll be exactly six weeks on Monday, so you might get to see a heart beat or two šŸ™‚


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