Wow. So today was amazing. First I was able to eat real food thanks to generic Zofran. I even tolerated my prenatal. Although I had some motivation.

Just a warning that my terminology could be confused…
Both blastocysts stuck!! Now they are sweet embryos and growing into babies. We were able to see both fetal poles. Although at first we only saw two gestational sacs (the black circle areas?) and in one we could see the baby (yolk sac?). Gosh early pregnancy terms confuse me. Anyway, the DR was thinking maybe the second would be a vanishing twin because nothing was there. But then when he went back to check that side again there it was! And it’s little flicker was even stronger than the other one’s.

We are so excited. How blessed we are to have success on our first round. We have waited three years for this, and went through a lot to get here. I don’t, can’t, and won’t forget my infertility buddies still going through the process. Still thinking of you and hoping you too get your BFP.

Thanks for checking in,



About KB, Twin Mom

T&K--this year we celebrate 8 years of marriage. It took three years of ttc (trying to conceive), but we are now the proud parents to A&L, our g/b twins. A&L turn 4 this fall! Journey to Parenthood (now known as Twin Mom Life) was started to share our story and track our (in)fertility journey as we moved towards parenthood. Now the blog is about life as a twin mom, dealing with endometriosis, my healthy living journey, and life in general.
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12 Responses to BOGO

  1. Congratulations! My transfer is tomorrow, and were transferring two as well! I hope we have the same results in a few weeks!

  2. Theresa says:

    Wow we are like the same story. We transferred two on our first after trying for 3 years and both stuck. We are 25 weeks Wednesday! Looking forward to following your pregnancy! Congrats!!!

    • K says:

      Thank you! I’ve loved going back through and reading your story. Good preparation πŸ™‚ Oh, and I kidnapped BoGo from you! πŸ™‚ I love it. A super bargain lol

  3. thenewsteffy says:

    That’s so amazing! Congrats! And Zofran ROCKS. It was a lifesaver for me πŸ™‚ Good luck and happy “baking!”

  4. Holly says:

    I’m so glad the zofran is helping! And so happy for you that you have two sticky babies!

  5. Congratulations! I’m 27 weeks with twins via IVF. Currently in buying mode to prepare for their arrival – if only BOGO translated past the IVF!

  6. Yay’!!! How fantastic! Congrats on twins. i hope u all hav a healthy, happy 9 months.

  7. Kim says:

    Wahooo! Congrats!! πŸ™‚

  8. KS says:

    Congrats!! How amazing it must be to have seen those 2 precious miracles on ultrasound!!

  9. apenn says:

    This is fantastic news! Congrats and praying for a H&H pregnancy for you guys πŸ™‚


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