TwinMomLife: A GREAT Day

I’m pleased to say today has been one of my great days as a twin mom.  I love every day with my lovelies, of course.  But, not every day is a great one.  What classifies a day as great?  Happy babies!  And keeping screaming sessions down under 30 minutes for the day.  By screaming I mean full blown “omg is someone murdering that child?” kind of screaming.  That’d be L.  That’s that colic I was talking about 😦 Thankfully, he had a great day today, which makes me happy because I hate thinking he is unhappy or in pain.  Of course, as I type this up he is needing to be held because he’s been screaming.  Eeek!  Daddy is here to help hold him though, so mommy can rest. :). He’s a healthy little champ; I’ve alerted the PEDI to his crying. We’ve tried some Gerber Soothe drops (probiotics) and some organic gripe water (no alcohol in it), both of which I think are helping. We only had to use them for a day or two. I don’t like using medicines unnecessarily.

Our routine had been me trying to sleep until 8am, but they’d fight going back to sleep after the 4-5 feeding. T gets up at around 5 so it makes sense to get up then too. Plus when I go back to work they’ll be used to an early wake up.
This is this morning:

Good Morning Mommy!

Good Morning Mommy!

See, they are wide awake 🙂 When we get up at 5, I put on pandora to our “Raffi” station which we renamed Children’s Sing along. I sing the silly songs and entertain them for about an hour. My favorite songs are by Caspar Babypants. Then they get sleepy again and I nap too. We get up again around 8 and play some more music while we get ready for the day. This usually includes the next feeding too.
Today I got lucky and they napped again so I was able to get ready and finally put my pile of clean laundry away. This felt great since yesterday I was in my pjs all day and didn’t brush my teeth until about 2pm. I wanted to run a few errands today so when they woke I was quick to change diapers and ready them in their car seats. Why is it that right after a change before exiting the house, someone always has a big poop? I swear I change both of them twice before we finally get out the door.

We went to Walgreens and Target successfully with no crying 🙂 L got a little fussy once back in the car but once we were moving he was all good. A actually went 4 hours between feedings. I had tried to get her to take 2 more ounces before we left to make sure she was set, but she refused. So I was pleased the meltdown while out I had anticipated never happened 🙂 I’ve had that happen before while out and it’s intense. Luckily it had just been her and me that day.
M&Ms help get me through rough days. So we stocked up on them at Target.

My addiction, M&M's

My addiction, M&M’s

When we got home, they were still both so happy and content. 🙂 We had our next feeding session and they began to nap. Well, L got super upset out of nowhere. That crazy screaming I mentioned earlier. He was so loud he scared A awake. 😦 Two crying babies-intense! Well, T has this app we use at night called “white noise”. I’ve been meaning to download it but just didn’t get to it yet. So in the heat of the moment, I downloaded it and put it to use. I swaddled L, gave him his pacifier, cuddled him a little and put the app to the “vacuum” sound. I put him in his bed and he sat there calmly. After a few minutes he fell asleep. 🙂 Best $1.99 I’ve spent in awhile. I highly recommend this app. There are so many options for different sounds.



While they napped I was able to get the bottles cleaned and some dishes washed. And things were calm when Daddy arrived home 🙂

I am thankful for this wonderful day. 🙂
Goodnight. It’s past my bedtime. I’m typing this on my phone app while the fam is sleeping.


About KB, Twin Mom

T&K--this year we celebrate 8 years of marriage. It took three years of ttc (trying to conceive), but we are now the proud parents to A&L, our g/b twins. A&L turn 4 this fall! Journey to Parenthood (now known as Twin Mom Life) was started to share our story and track our (in)fertility journey as we moved towards parenthood. Now the blog is about life as a twin mom, dealing with endometriosis, my healthy living journey, and life in general.
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9 Responses to TwinMomLife: A GREAT Day

  1. Twin Mom says:

    Glad to hear the babies were good to you today 🙂

  2. I’m super impressed. I only have one, who doesn’t even have colic, and I have yet to run any errands with him in six weeks. I’m afraid of the possible meltdown (and I’m not totally comfortable breastfeeding out of the house yet). And look at you doing it with twins! And after getting up at 5!

    • K, Twin Mom says:

      I waited until around 6 weeks to go out with them. I actually even went to the grocery store the week of Thanksgiving w/ them. Lol that was crazy-but not because of them, because of the rude people who hog the aisles and pretend they don’t see a double stroller.
      I only go out quick if I can be back before the next feeding. Unless hubby is w/ me. Then if I have to feed L, I do it in the car w/ my cover. A is bottle fed, formula & BM. Of course now they can go 3-4 hrs between feedings so that helps 🙂

      • I’m actually planning to take him to the mall to see Santa next week as our first real solo outing. I’m hoping since it’ll be early on a weekday it won’t be too crowded and Nordstrom has a really nice nursing area so I can go there if he starts to get hungry. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

  3. roadtofertility says:

    I’m so happy you had a good day!! Your day sounds so similar to my days typically (with the screaming) although it has gotten better! We also have the rock n plays which have been a big help too! You are a brave woman for venturing out to the store on your own. I haven’t’ done that yet! Mostly because we share a car. I have to download that app! I’ve been hearing about it a lot! We put them to sleep to a playlist on our phone. It’s been getting more manageable but I still welcome any help that I can get! This week I lined up help for most of the week..thankfully! But it’s not always possible. The life of a twin mom!

    • K, Twin Mom says:

      Oh, I got payback for this post yesterday (Wed) w/ lots of crying from both 🙂 ah (sigh). The only thing that helped again was the app and a trip to Babies R Us. Sounds crazy, but the car and shopping chills them out, for now lol.
      When we got home I needed a nap so bad, but L wouldn’t go to sleep. As soon as I put the app on, this time to purple noise, he slept. 🙂 The secret when they are upset is blasting it at first and then lowering once they calm down.
      That is awesome that you got help lined up. 🙂 I had my mom stop by today after work to watch them so I could shower. #twinmomproblems lol

  4. babylute2013 says:

    Wow, I cannot imagine the difficulty of running errands with TWO babies en tow! Seriously, how do you do it, girl?!?! That’s amazing! And I totally can relate to the big poop right after a diaper change. Always a buzz kill, lol!

    We use white noise too…I think I love it almost as much (or more) than baby does! It’s so soothing and helps me relax and rest better too.

    Your two kiddos are super adorable!!

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