Tears of Joy: my Christmas wish

Lately I’ve found myself bursting into tears, happy tears of course. It happens when A&L are having music time on the bed with me and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for their health and beauty. It happens when I’m managing to feed them both at the same time (one a bottle, the other BF) and they get all sleepy and super sweet. It happens when I think about what a miracle they are. It’s happening right now as I type this; the one day I wore makeup too lol!

This is after feeding L just now. Don’t know how I do it, but I feel like some kind of super woman! πŸ™‚

Maybe it’s the time of year, being the month last year we committed to our IVF cycle. I just hope I can get it together before they notice. I don’t want them to think I’m upset, because I’m overjoyed.


My wish this Christmas is for as many BFPs as possible for the infertility community. May your miracle babies come this year in 2014. πŸ™‚




About KB, Twin Mom

T&K--this year we celebrate 8 years of marriage. It took three years of ttc (trying to conceive), but we are now the proud parents to A&L, our g/b twins. A&L turn 4 this fall! Journey to Parenthood (now known as Twin Mom Life) was started to share our story and track our (in)fertility journey as we moved towards parenthood. Now the blog is about life as a twin mom, dealing with endometriosis, my healthy living journey, and life in general.
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7 Responses to Tears of Joy: my Christmas wish

  1. roadtofertility says:

    I feel the same way! I also have the same boppy! I cry a lot lol…sometimes tears of being overwhelmed, but mostly tears of gratitude! We are blessed…and we are super women! My twitter handle is mrsmommylopez πŸ™‚

  2. Yes. the same feelings on my end as well. the love and joy and just total awe is overwhelming!! So thankful!

  3. babylute2013 says:

    I’m praying for a miracle baby (or two) for one of my good friends who has been going through infertility for a while. They have gone through IVF a couple of times and I know eventually it will work, but seeing your adorable twins gives me hope for my friend!!

    • K, Twin Mom says:

      I’ll keep them on my positive energy list πŸ™‚ We were so lucky to not have had to go through lots of cycles of IVF. That would have really stunk. It was a tough month of injections and procedures and waiting, and waiting some more.

      • babylute2013 says:

        Thanks, appreciate that! Yeah, it’s quite a bummer to watch the process and how taxing it is on them….I do know eventually they will get their sweet baby (or two, I’m always hoping she’ll get twins!). Your journey is inspiring to others!


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