Baby Play, Starbucks, and Bad Manners

This post was actually written last week . If I had returned the books the day I wrote this as intended, they would have been on time an I’d be $1.50 richer.
I got these books at the library three renewals ago, that’s about nine weeks.



They are now due. So here I am at Starbucks trying to read through them before I return them. Oops. That’s life with twins though. On that topic, I’m at Starbucks and not my house because A&L are not down with anything but crying and eating today. I’m typing one handed on my phone while the other hand rocks the stroller. The Wonder Weeks App says we are in a sunny phase. As if! Last week I broke down and had T order me the book Wonder Weeks. I haven’t read more than one page yet. Are you surprised? When I finally read that one, I’ll give you my thoughts on it.

Back to the baby play books… Lately I’ve been feeling like A&L are behind somehow. They aren’t, I’m just worrying. Two separate people while at Starbucks, one older man and one older woman, said they looked four months old. They are almost eight months! Maybe too many other babies are just giants.

Being a first time mom, especially of twins, I feel clueless sometimes. I think at your OB office, while you are still pregnant, they should give you a booklet on common nursery rhymes, monthly milestones, and ways to engage your baby at each stage. Sure, this is all available online, and from your pediatrician, but I think I would have read it then if my OB gave it to me. Maybe I’d feel more prepared. It’s almost impossible to research and read anything now.

I’m a teacher, so I really want A&L to be getting the best engagement to build their senses and mind. Yet, I feel like I don’t play with them enough in ways to teach them things. I want so much for them to be positive, vibrant, loving, kind, nature loving, accepting of equality. I don’t want to mess up and create angry, negative, boring people. This is where the books come into play, literally.

The first book is copyright 2005 and the second 2001. They are old, but I found them useful. Baby Play has some common nursery rhymes, and detailed activities for each month. The activities promote baby’s physical strength too. Baby’s First Skills is organized by month and it covers language, physical, social, cognitive development. It’s pretty basic, but I found myself thinking “oh yeah, I need to start responding this way”.

A&L have begun grabbing toys from each other. I’m interested in knowing how others begin to teach sharing, patience, kindness.

Today, real today, I checked out some books and DVDs on baby sign language. I’m hoping if I can teach them to communicate it’ll help them express their feelings, lessening the toy grabbing and excessive crying (L).

Do you use baby sign language? Do you have any suggestions? How do you/did you help your baby communicate?

UpdateThis article from Babycenter says babies who sign tend to be less demanding.  The Baby Einstein: My First Signs video is easy to follow for parent and baby. I borrowed it from the local library, but it’s available at most stores.  L was scared of the puppets in it, but I just distracted him during those scenes.  It didn’t have all of the signs I want to use, but I was able to find short videos on this site, Baby Sign Language, for the other terms.


About KB, Twin Mom

T&K--this year we celebrate 8 years of marriage. It took three years of ttc (trying to conceive), but we are now the proud parents to A&L, our g/b twins. A&L turn 4 this fall! Journey to Parenthood (now known as Twin Mom Life) was started to share our story and track our (in)fertility journey as we moved towards parenthood. Now the blog is about life as a twin mom, dealing with endometriosis, my healthy living journey, and life in general.
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7 Responses to Baby Play, Starbucks, and Bad Manners

  1. sparrow says:

    I know, it’s so hard not to worry about everything! But random people in the street who guess your babies’ age are not good judges 😛

  2. I bet your teacher background has given you way more amazing-ness as a mom than you realize. The fact that you are actually wondering if your kids are on track is a sign that you are doing something right! 🙂 We watched the Signing Time series (on DVD and now on Netflix), and it was awesome. Lots of vocabulary building and entertaining music to keep the babies’ interest. I loved them! Good luck, mama! Keep up the good work!

  3. Okay, thanks to the person who recommended the Signing Times! We are going to check it out. I love the concept of baby sign language, and as a fellow teacher I’m also always wondering what I could be doing at home to keep my babies on track (goodness, it’s already starting). I have been doing 3 signs now, with 90% regularity, since the babies turned 6 months and started solids – “eat”, “more”, and “all done”. They are now 10 months old…and still haven’t signed back. But I’m not giving up because when I do them, they smile and get all excited so I think they might know what they mean. They also don’t wave or clap yet so I’m not sure they’re there developmentally. I’ll continue on, as I think it’s a really good thing for them to know.

    • K, Twin Mom says:

      I’m not concerned with them signing back yet either. I can also sense they like when I do it, so I’ll keep at it. 🙂 Li has been protesting when he’s changed (diapers and clothes) which is part of their current leap. I found the sign “change” and I’ve been doing that when I put him down. He loves it and thankfully it’s been somewhat distracting him. I just keep thinking how I only know English, and I really want A&L to know something else. I’ve been enjoying learning ASL to help them. Oh, and I’m probably going overboard with the signing. I do eat, all done, mommy, daddy, milk, change, and others when I can remember them.


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