Transporting Twins

A&L are 9 months old as of the 25th. This is how I take them out and about with me:


Two infant car seats in the Snap-N-Go. This has been the best way to transport them for me. But, over the last few months it hasn’t been working as well. L wants more space to move around. A probably does too. Both get really hot and sweaty in those car seats. Plus, the view isn’t that great. They only last about 15 minutes at Starbucks anymore, which is part of my reasoning for blogging less. Oh, and the wheels stink, so maneuvering them as they get bigger is also a challenge. Worst wheels ever.

I’ve been trying to decide how I’ll transport them next. I’m not sure how soon they will reach the max weight/height in the infant seats. When that happens I’ll be forced to change my routine anyway, so I’d rather be proactive and start planning now.

Besides the Snap-N-Go, we have a Graco Quattro Tour Duo, an InStep jogging stroller, and a hand me down Jeep side by side with no sunshade. The Graco isn’t practical at all. We used it once with A&L in the seats. The sun coverage was horrid. The front seat hardly reclines. I’m actually trying to sell it to use the funds towards a new ride. The jogger works great for walks and runs, now that I’ve modified it with a larger sunshade. But using it in places without automatic doors or even at the mall doesn’t work. It’s too wide. I used it at the mall last week and I couldn’t fit into the handicap stall with it. Thankfully my friend was with me so I was able to use the facilities. I’d like to keep this stroller just for walking and running.

Here’s a better photo of the add on sunshade:


The Jeep stroller is okay. I haven’t used it yet because somehow the sunshade is gone. When it was given to me, it was included, but now it’s poof-gone. In FL, that just doesn’t work. This one is more of a traveling stroller for airports and such. I’ll probably hang onto it for that purpose.

I had thought I wanted a BOB and that I’d just use it as my out and about stroller too, but I think it’s wider than the InStep. On a recent outing to Buy Buy Baby I test drove a few options in the aisles. Here’s what I found and my thoughts on each.
The Baby Jogger City Mini. I love the style of these. The sun shades are amazing. This ride is decent when it comes to smoothness. It comes in my favorite color, teal. Negatives: the legs don’t get to recline and the leg space just doesn’t seem long enough. They call this “Baby Jogger” but you can’t jog with it. If I’m spending that kind of $ I feel like I need it to be multi functional. This brand does have a jogger, but they didn’t have it in store for me to test. I’m curious to hear your reviews on the jogger if you have one, especially in comparison to a BOB.


I cannot locate this one online. I think it’s the Baby Jogger brand as well. The wheels are a smooth ride on this one. The smoothest I’ve felt so far. I loved this one, except for the negatives. Negatives include: hardly any leg space for the child in the rear seat, which decreases when front child wants to recline. The front seat reclined a decent amount, but then the child in the back is squished. I envision whoever is in the back kicking the front one. Sounds like a blast. I really like this style double stroller, but I’m finding that it doesn’t allow for adequate seating for two bigger children.


The BOB. Ahhhhhhhhhh. The one stroller to rule them all. I honestly have to say for the price, this doesn’t do much for me. The only features it has that I like better than my InStep are the sunshades and the wheel lock. I feel like the name is what sells this. I’d love to be proven wrong, so please share your favorite features of your BOB with me.


I’m planning to start teaching again in August, so I’ll have evenings and weekends with A&L, along with summers of course. Is the cost of a new stroller worth it? What double stroller do you use for your children? If a new stroller isn’t the thing for me, then how do I transport them at stores or restaurants, especially when it’s just me? How do you travel around town with your twins or multiple children? L has great head control and can sit well in a shopping cart or a high chair. A is still working on that. She does okay in a shopping cart, but I haven’t tried her in a public high chair. Not everywhere has shopping carts or high chairs. How do you hang out anywhere with your twins when they can’t walk yet? For example, Starbucks, or the mall.

Thanks for any tips or guidance you can offer. I wish I had known more about strollers before A&L were here. It’s annoying that we have this nice, costly stroller (the Graco) that we won’t be using. I wish that money had been put towards a better one. I hope by sharing this I will help someone else out there avoid choosing a stroller that doesn’t fit their lifestyle. If I had to choose again I would have went with the Chicco car seats and stroller. That stroller frame reminds me of a fancy Snap-N-go, just heavier.

In case you are wanting to suggest babywearing in lieu of a stroller, I love babywearing, but our lifestyle requires a stroller in it as well. More on babywearing in a later post. 🙂



About KB, Twin Mom

T&K--this year we celebrate 8 years of marriage. It took three years of ttc (trying to conceive), but we are now the proud parents to A&L, our g/b twins. A&L turn 4 this fall! Journey to Parenthood (now known as Twin Mom Life) was started to share our story and track our (in)fertility journey as we moved towards parenthood. Now the blog is about life as a twin mom, dealing with endometriosis, my healthy living journey, and life in general.
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8 Responses to Transporting Twins

  1. Gus tolerates his stroller and a lot of time he ends up in the baby bjorn. He does well in carts and highchairs though, so that’s been a lucky break. I’m interested to hear your thoughts/practices on babywearing. I always wondered what the babywearing situation was like with twins.

  2. Theresa says:

    We have a Graco Sit and Stand (I think thats the name) that works pretty well for outings. Its a front and back stroller which is really nice. It is heavy (40 lbs) and bulky, but I think all double strollers are.
    In terms of the BOB – we have a bob double ironman jogger, and yes it is wide, but it does fit through a standard size door. That said, I only use it for walking and jogging as side by side strollers don’t fit well in clothing aisles and take up twice the space in places like Starbucks where the seating area is small to begin with.
    Another thing I’ve thought about are a couple/double umbrella strollers at least to cut down on the bulk, but I am not sure how wide they are.
    Sometimes I will put one in a carrier and the other in a single cart, too.

    • K, Twin Mom says:

      Do you find the sun exposure okay in your Graco? Or is that not a problem for the times you use it? I’ve also thought of getting a single umbrella or cheap used single to just rotate who gets carried and who gets to relax in the stroller.

  3. I have a stroll-air duo. Huge spf sun shade and reversible and removable seats. Big wheels. But expensive. I think it was 6-something after bed-bath-beyond coupons (can use them at bug uy baby…same company). But i traded in points on my credit card for bed-bath-beyond gift cards and didnt pay too much for it. Plus, you can sell them on craigslist for $400 in my neighborhood, so we went for it.

    • K, Twin Mom says:

      I just googled it. Wow-that looks awesome! If it has high resale value I’d consider the large purchase. Although, it’d need to be used for awhile. Would toddlers be comfy in it too?

  4. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    I use the Chicco double stroller and have used it since the boys were born. The car seats snap very easy in it and lately we have been using it without the car seats and just letting them sit in the regular seats and they love it. We’ve used it for walks, going to the zoo, at church every sunday, the boardwalk…basically everywhere and anywhere. I am in the same situation as you and looking for other alternative (preferabbly lightweight alternatives) but refuse to spend anything over $150 for it. I would even like to stay under $100 if I’m being completely honest. We have a $10 umbrella stroller that I use as well if there are two of us and one wants to be in the carrier while one is strolled. I would love the Chicco Trevi Twin stroller and have to look into purchasing one at a reasonable price. Great post and I will be following up to see what suggestions are offered!

    • K, Twin Mom says:

      I’m thinking a single umbrella might be a good temporary solution for me. Carry one and push one. Much easier to navigate at least. We are on one income right now too and definitely don’t have extra funds for anything fancy. I’d only get something pricy if it’ll last a few more years and even then I can’t purchase until I start work again.


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