About T & K

Here’s the background scoop on our infertility story (TMI warning!):

I am 30 years old (when I started this blog Jan. 2013), and in pretty good health, except for the stage IV endometriosis that plagues me. I had a laparoscopy in December 2011, which removed several chocolate cysts (endometriomas) and other adhesions that had attached my left ovary to my side. Thankfully, I found an amazing OBGYN soon before this and she was able to save my ovary. In the months after surgery we were left unaware of how to proceed, thinking naively that the surgery had reset our chances. Fast forward to April 2012 and two new chocolate cysts had already set up camp, one on each ovary. My “adopted” OBGYN (my original one had a family emergency and so I was adopted by another) felt that I would need surgery to clean everything out again and then we could talk medications and such to increase chances of conception.

In the meantime, I was so anti-surgery as it had only been 4 months since my last one. I began a gluten-free, reduced dairy diet around this time, at the advice of my then in medical school brother-in-law. I decided to try bcp (birth control pills) to “freeze” the ovulation process so no more cysts could grow, and maybe the ones present would absorb. Sure enough, an ultrasound in August 2012 showed that my cysts had decreased slightly. Nothing to jump for joy about, but my OBGYN trusted my instincts and agreed to let me continue with bcp, this time in the form of the depo shot to see if they would continue to reduce in size. My last ultrasound was in November and the cyst on the evil ovary was gone, with the other at average size. It’s almost impossible for these types of cysts to just vanish. I was hopeful that we could try to conceive on our own, but at our recent trip to the infertility specialist we found out our best chances are with IVF. Stage IV endo is pretty serious and without bcp it can get out of hand within months. Also, women with mild to moderate endo have a 2-4% chance each month of getting pregnant. Imagine what my chances are with severe endo-1%? Operation IVF commences now.

What is endometriosis?


Mayo Clinic

Resolve: National Infertility Association

Update! August 2013 – We are currently 34 weeks pregnant with twins! BOGO-yes!  We were fortunate to have our first round of IVF work.  I’ll update this About T&K page when I turn the blog into a parenting blog…



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