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Tears of Joy: my Christmas wish

Lately I’ve found myself bursting into tears, happy tears of course. It happens when A&L are having music time on the bed with me and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for their health and beauty. It happens when I’m managing to … Continue reading

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TwinMomLife: A GREAT Day

I’m pleased to say today has been one of my great days as a twin mom.  I love every day with my lovelies, of course.  But, not every day is a great one.  What classifies a day as great?  Happy … Continue reading

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1 Year of Blogging

Today is the anniversary of my blog’s beginning.  It’s funny because I just posted about changing the blog name.  So now I’m stuck on the fence about that.  Although, I did let my domain expire, so I’m just plain … Continue reading

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8 Weeks

I’ve been MIA. Well, I’ve been busy with my two lovelies of course. This twin mom thing is hard core. Not sure how people have time to blog. I’m working on it though. Amelia just coo’d which I think was … Continue reading

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1 Month Old

Okay, I’ve abandoned you all.  I do apologize.  I’ve had time to write but I’ve just been in a funk and have instead just Facebooked or read in my few moments of freedom.  I’ll be back soon to post those … Continue reading

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39 Weeks- The Parenthood Journey Begins

So this week would have been our 39th week. With twins though, you typically do not go past 38 weeks. On 38 weeks & 2 days, we went in for our scheduled c section. I will write a post about … Continue reading

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