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Giving Thanks, Week 1

Yes, I still owe you some posts.  Eek-I really am working on them. This one was just on a time limit and easier to pump out. 🙂 Due to being a busy Twinnie Mom, I’ll be posting my things to … Continue reading

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39 Weeks- The Parenthood Journey Begins

So this week would have been our 39th week. With twins though, you typically do not go past 38 weeks. On 38 weeks & 2 days, we went in for our scheduled c section. I will write a post about … Continue reading

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4 More Days!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…sort of three days because today is almost over! For those of you that have been following me for some time, you know that this journey has not been all rainbows and unicorns. The picture below shows me … Continue reading

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36 weeks: Only two weeks left!

Rash Update: Some days I can keep occupied enough to only be slightly itchy and uncomfortable. At night though it’s another story. It’s very difficult to sleep through the night because without fail I wake up scratching. My best sleep … Continue reading

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34 Weeks 2 Days: One more month to go!

Appointment Updates: It looks like we are on track to make it to 38 weeks! The only snafu would be if my body goes into labor on its own since it doesn’t technically know there are two babies and it … Continue reading

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Keep on keeping on

Today I had an u/s at the MFM office. Both babies are growing on schedule: Baby A weighs 3lb 3oz which puts it at the 45th percentile (w/ 50% being average-and compared to singletons too); Baby B is 3lb 11oz, … Continue reading

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