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Not Again: Dealing with Endometriosis

This post discusses female issues, specifically endometriosis. It’s amazing what we can get used to given enough time. My body has been giving me problems since the beginning of my “womanhood”. I learned to expect painful periods of time where … Continue reading

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Being Mom

This year I celebrate Mothers Day in a new way. This year I am a mother. I don’t yet know the joyous feeling of being called mom, or mommy, or ma ma, but I can rejoice in knowing I am … Continue reading

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A Four Month Comparison

You all know how I am about posting text.  Very very very slow. Haha.  Well, I just put together these collages and wanted to share.  Looking at the difference from each month is exciting.  Four month family photos, hopefully along … Continue reading

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1 Year of Blogging

Today is the anniversary of my blog’s beginning.  It’s funny because I just posted about changing the blog name.  So now I’m stuck on the fence about that.  Although, I did let my domain expire, so I’m just plain twinmomlife.wordpress.com … Continue reading

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Join the Movement…Infertility Awareness

This post is was for National Infertility Awareness Week.  And it’s obviously late. I am 16 weeks now 21 weeks pregnant with twins.  They are dizygotic, aka fraternal, seeing as I had to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become … Continue reading

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Countdown to Ultrasound 1

Today is 16dp5dt. Would that make me 5 weeks or 6 weeks? It’s all so confusing when it’s ivf. I’ve been saying 5 weeks but if retrieval was on Jan. 14, wouldn’t it be six? I guess we’ll find out … Continue reading

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a BFP at last…PUPO 7dp5dt

Still PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise), but it’s more real for me now because I’ve been POAS’ing (peeing on a stick) for a few days now. Today is 7dp5dt. (7 days post 5 day transfer.) Test obsession results: Wed pm-4dpt- … Continue reading

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