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A Four Month Comparison

You all know how I am about posting text.  Very very very slow. Haha.  Well, I just put together these collages and wanted to share.  Looking at the difference from each month is exciting.  Four month family photos, hopefully along … Continue reading

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1 Year of Blogging

Today is the anniversary of my blog’s beginning.  It’s funny because I just posted about changing the blog name.  So now I’m stuck on the fence about that.  Although, I did let my domain expire, so I’m just plain twinmomlife.wordpress.com … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks, Week 1

Yes, I still owe you some posts.  Eek-I really am working on them. This one was just on a time limit and easier to pump out. 🙂 Due to being a busy Twinnie Mom, I’ll be posting my things to … Continue reading

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Wow. So today was amazing. First I was able to eat real food thanks to generic Zofran. I even tolerated my prenatal. Although I had some motivation. Just a warning that my terminology could be confused… Both blastocysts stuck!! Now … Continue reading

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Severe morning sickness

I spent most of the day on the couch. The rest was spent in bed napping. I am shocked at how fast this hit me. I couldn’t keep anything down all day until two hours ago. Luckily my DR is … Continue reading

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48 hours to Ultrasound 1

Our appointment is at 2pm on Monday but after my three hour wait for transfer, I’m not falling for that again. I am guesstimating we will get our u/s by 4pm. We plan on bringing a board game too. We … Continue reading

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Countdown to Ultrasound 1

Today is 16dp5dt. Would that make me 5 weeks or 6 weeks? It’s all so confusing when it’s ivf. I’ve been saying 5 weeks but if retrieval was on Jan. 14, wouldn’t it be six? I guess we’ll find out … Continue reading

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