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Day 5 of injections – Check Up Time

I’m procrastinating.  I should be grading test corrections, but I don’t feel like it.  This is why I accept late work from my students, because I understand their dilemma.  Fart around on the Internet, watch tv, or do homework.  Tough … Continue reading

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday…Saturday was my third night of injections.  I thought it’d get easier each time, but I’m finding that to be not so.  Last night the HCG needle did NOT want to go in, and I had this moment … Continue reading

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Needles are not so scary after all

Night one of injections went okay.  Looking for my redo on day 2 though. lol.  I watched the Follistim video on youtube again, along with a few other videos that regular people have posted showing them giving themselves the injections.  … Continue reading

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Not sure why, but I haven’t been in the writing mood these past few days.  I have a few different topics I want to discuss, especially my reflections on 2012, and eating gluten free.  I guess those will have to … Continue reading

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