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Photographing Twins: My Twist on Baby Photography

There are many things I wish I had learned to do earlier in life: cook, sew, study, photograph. I was fortunate to meet a fabulous photographer in my 20s. She taught me many tricks that were easy to master. We … Continue reading

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My love/hate relationship with teeth: Teething, Part II

Teeth.  They can make a smile beautiful.  With teeth you can enjoy many amazing foods.  My teeth have always been fairly straight.  In middle school I felt like the only kid without braces.  Imagine wishing braces upon yourself?! Now I … Continue reading

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Surrounded by Beautiful Art

Lately I’ve been on a “I want to be creative and artsy” kick. I made name collages for A&L, and butterfly footprints for each. I hung them in their bedroom. You can see those here, and here. Every time I … Continue reading

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Baby Play, Starbucks, and Bad Manners

This post was actually written last week . If I had returned the books the day I wrote this as intended, they would have been on time an I’d be $1.50 richer. I got these books at the library three … Continue reading

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On the Move: Weekly Photo Challenge

When are we not on the move here at Twin Mom Life? This Last week’s topic fits us perfectly: On The Move. Here we are, on the move: Like my blog? Click this link to help me move up the … Continue reading

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Being Mom

This year I celebrate Mothers Day in a new way. This year I am a mother. I don’t yet know the joyous feeling of being called mom, or mommy, or ma ma, but I can rejoice in knowing I am … Continue reading

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Feeding Baby: No Instructions Included

When it comes to babies, there are no instruction manuals.  There are plenty of books out there, but unless you have nothing else to do ever, you’ll never be able to read them all.  Which ones are even the “correct” … Continue reading

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